Unfulfilled Dreams

I have a lot of dreams and things a want to do one day. If you’re like me you have a bucket list. Mine bucket list is always changing, but right here whats on it;

Travel the world

Go to College

Start a business

Design something amazing

Learn to play an instrument

Get fit

If you ask people(even successful people) if they’ve achieve all they’re dreams most will answer, “No.” I want to achieve my dreams, “But if they didn’t, will I be able to?”

The doubt bothered me, so I researched why most people don’t ever do they complete their bucket lists. It turns out that most people never try to achieve their dreams. If you want to travel the world you have to research and save.

If I want to achieve any of my dreams, I have to start planning them now. I have to put in effort; research, planning, saving.

If I want to go to college; I’m signing up for a class.

I want to learn an instrument; I can learn by watching YouTube videos.

It doesn’t have to be expensive; learning an instrument with YouTube is pretty cheap. The instrument would cost, but I could just learn how to sing. I understand somethings will be expensive no matter how you look at it, there’s always someone out on the web who’s found a way to do it dirt cheap.

I think the number one thing that makes me depressed is that I don’t think I’ll ever achieve anything worth while. That I’ll always be subpar. I think everyone is unique and beautiful except me, isn’t that crazy? What’s even crazier is that most people feel the same way, about themselves. Just depressing, but on the bright side people who judge others usually judge themselves more than anyone else.

I’m going  to make a conscious effort to make my dreams come true. I’m going to put in the work to achieve the things I want. I hope you do to, and that you achieve all your dreams.


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