Cold Showers

This is an experiment I tried about 6 months ago.

While looking for something to help with my acne I found this new fad, Cold Showers. People claimed that taking cold showers help with acne, depression and weight loss.

So naturally I decided to join these crazy people and thus began my cold shower experiment. I decided I would go 10 days, and continue if I saw any improvement.

The first day was the worst, mostly because I turn it to 100% cold which was of course a bad idea. I later read that it’s probably best to do between 30-80%(no colder than 25F) cold, because if you go to cold you can get frostbit.

The second day was better I wouldn’t call it pleasant but it was tolerable. I was able to get though it by telling myself that I only have to do this 8 more times.

The third day was 100% better than preceding days, I started on warmish then slow moved it colder, if it got to cold I’d just more it a little warmer, by the end of the shower it was 80%.

The fourth- tenth day after discovering that little trick it just got easier. I started seeing improvements, like after my (morning) shower I was more alert and throughout the day it was easier to get everything done that I want to get done.

The forty-fourth day I know at the beginning I’d told myself that I would only do this for ten day but the benefits for me were just to good. I had to quit on the forty-fourth day after getting the flu.

The benefits I saw

My acne did lessen, my mood did seem better, my skin and hair got really soft and my cloth start to get loose. And the best benefit of all no one complained about me taking all the hot water.

I still do take cold showers, I haven’t been able to during the winter with it being so cold. I’ll definitely to this again once it warms up.


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