I’m just a walking contradiction; I’m dyslexia but I want to be a writer. I want to have an exciting life, but I like to stay home to read.

I’ve noticed that I say and do a lot things that are contradictions. In truth though, I do not know a single soul that isn’t at least to some degree contradictory.

I think more of it comes from us wanting what others what, or we say we do so that we’ll have something in common with them. Or maybe everyone in the world is just a habitual liar, not to say that everyone in the world is a liar all the time.

I say want to become the best me I can be but I have destructive thoughts about myself.

I say I want to own a business but whenever I get close I chicken out.

So is it that I’m just saying that I want these things, or is it that fear overwhelms me.

If it’s fear they I have to work on being brave, but if its that I’m just saying what I think people what to hear then that another problem… One without an easy solution.

A lot of people get excited when they talk about something they love, their voices change, their eyes sparkle(or dilate), their bodies relax, I can read these things in other people. Maybe to find out what I really what I should sit in front of a mirror and talk to myself, would that be weird?

Best conversion I ever had about love was in a dream, I was sitting at a table in a cafe with four people, each one had a different view on love; Love is a choice is freely choose, Love is giving and receiving, Love is a feeling that comes and goes, Love is doesn’t exist. I sat with them for what seemed like hours talk about the pros and cons of love.

I brought that up because love is the biggest contradiction of all, there are to many different ideas, I could have easily found a hundred differing thoughts on the matter. We all say we want love, but very few actually know what it is.


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