Self Fogiveness

Forgiving one’s self is really hard. It’s something that is hard because you know what you’re capable of; You know that you could have handle something better.

In most of the self help books self forgiveness is the number one way you start your journey. We all know we need to forgive yourselves for things we can change. But how do you forgive yourself?

Just saying, “I forgive you.” doesn’t seem to be enough, but ultimately that’s the first step. Of course the next step is a lot harder, you have to take care of yourself.

Learning how to take care of yourself is easy to learn about, with the internet, books, and all kinds of resources at the tips of your fingers. Taking care of your three parts can be daunting so let me make it easier;

Body: This is the easiest to take care with food and exercise. It’s the one most people concentrate on.

Mind: This one hard because you have to learn what helps you, and what hurts you then you have to add or remove those.

Spirit:Some call this energy, it has a lot of names. It’s affected by your body, your mind, outside situation it shows it’s self in your emotions.


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