Waxing to Baldness

Awhile back I bought I waxing kit and baby powder(to prevent ripping my skin off). I started waxing, it was painful but durable, so I endured it telling myself that I wouldn’t have to do this offend to remain hairless. Then I ran out of strips… so if I wanted to wax the hard to reach places(back of the legs), I was going to have to repeat this entire process. I have to go buy another kit, I’d have to build up my courage, and then I’d have to repeat the dreaded pull off.

I, of course, being of sane mind said, “Not going to happen.”. I’d just wear long pants until it grew back and just shave. I walked around for about two months with bald legs in the front and hairy legs in the back, then I realize that most of the hair hadn’t grow back.

I looked this up and it’s a real thing, if you wax regularly, you may never have to wax or shave again. There are however a few caveats, waxing more then once a month is bad as each time you wax you peel off a layer of skin which takes up to a month to heal. Also this may not work for everyone, especially if you have hirsutism.

Since my first waxing, I started sugar waxing which is slightly less painful. I’ve waxed twice in the last four months. And I seem to be becoming bald on my legs.


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