Natural Acne Prevention

I’ve tried many different things to prevent and remove acne. Some of it was very extreme, some of it was to mild. But I’ve compiled a list of the ones that work the best for me.

Less Facials

I just found this out apparently you’re not supposed to do facials more than once a week. Having to many facials can actually cause acne. Unfortunately this also includes masks.

Baking Soda Scrub

I use this about once a month, beside helping with acne it also helps with acne scars. It will dry the skin out which may be a problem for if you can really dry skin.

Cold Showers

I’ve written about cold showers. Taking cold shower makes my skin really soft, and it helps even out the oily/dry spots on my skin.

Less Oily Foods

This makes sense, stop putting oil in my body, it will stop coming out of my pores. This is really hard for me especially around holidays.

Clean Pillow Case

I don’t like doing laundry, I don’t think anyone does. Changing my sheets everyday would create to much laundry, but adding seven pillow cases to a load isn’t bad for clear skin. I change my pillow case everyday, this is a simply thing that few people think about.


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