Staying Hydrated

You’ve probably heard about people drinking a gallon of water everyday for 30 days. I was going to try that but I remember that I don’t like plain water that much. I know that tea and/or flavored water is better for you than just plain water, so I did that.

So for 30 days I drank a gallon of liquid per day, in the form of flavored water and tea. And I think it helped with a lot of small things, but I think if I just stay hydrated(without over hydrating) I will see the same results without needing to go to the bathroom so much.

I think everything is good in moderation. So yes, I think I was one of the people who was dehydrated, but I think a quart of liquid is probably enough.

Below are some recipes for dehydrated people. I found always having something to drink in the refrigerate that good for me helped me stay hydrated.

Infused Water

  • 1 cup fruit(I like: frozen strawberries or one fresh sliced lemon)
  • 1 gallon of water

Combine then chill in fridge.


I think we all know how to make or buy tea. Keeping it in the fridge helps me with dehydration.


Another great way to stay hydrated. I make smoothie ice cubes, by blending up fruit and freezing in ice trays, when I want a smooth I just put the smoothie ice cubes in the blender with water and abracadabra.



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