Healthy Eating

I’m a in house healthy eater. Whenever I eat at home, which is most of the time, I eat healthy homemade meals. But when I’m out with friends I don’t really worry to much about what I eat or drink.

You may think that this will make me gain weigh, but I don’t usually(holidays are an exception) eat out more than 2-3 a week. All of my breakfasts and lunches are homemade, so it’s like having a couple of cheat meal a week.

I used to be one of those people that thought I had to change my whole diet to see any results. But the truth is that eating 90% healthy is fine, just eating 5% healthy is better than not eating anything healthy.

When gorgeous celebrities talk about healthy eating being a balance they really are talking about make changes where you can. If you can make your diet 1% better, that’s 1% less you have to worry about health problems.

A lot of people I know are 100% or nothing. And it doesn’t have to be that way, just starting off the day right with breakfast can make a big difference.

It’s hard to order something healthy when you know all your friends/family/co-workers are going to comment on your new diet. I hate it when people comment on what I’m eating, don’t you? So I started making changes when people weren’t around to comment, like breakfast, I have breakfast alone so no one comments.

Find a way to make small changes like keeping healthy snacks in the car and fridge.


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