Healthy Snack Ideas


I buy my almonds, walnuts, and peanuts in bulk at Nut.com, they’re cheaper that way.

Dried Fruit

I usually make fruit leather. There are plenty of recipes out there, but basically you just blender up a couple cups of fruit(I used 2 cups strawberries), then pour it on pan lined with parchment paper, cook in oven on 140F(or lowest setting) overnight.


Make smoothie then put in popsicle mold, leave in freezer 2-4 hours.

Veggie Sticks

Carrots, turnips, celery, cucumber and so many more, just chop into sticks then dip in sauce of your choice.

Nut Butter

Great for dipping Veggie sticks into, and spreading on apples.


This is probably something you’ve heard about people need to eat more of.

Pop Corn

I make my on the stove(are you impressed?). Great by itself or in a granola.

These are just few suggestions, there are endless possibilities. If you can think of more let me know what they are in the comments.


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