Start Small

Walking is the simplest way to start exercising. Everyone with legs can go for a short walk. I don’t understand why most people feel the need to start big? Actually I suppose I do in a way because I used to want to be perfect the first time.

I took me awhile to learn that baby steps will get me to my destination. That it’s better to do a workout I can do, so that tomorrow I’ll be able(and want) to workout again. Start small to day, and in no time it will be big.

Walking is an easy way to start exercising, it’s actually how I started my healthy life journey. I challenged myself to walk 10 mins everyday for a month, I started walking around my neighborhood, after a week I was doing more than 10 mins. After the month I was doing about 30 min of walking every day.

After I’d been walking 30 min everyday for 2ish weeks, I found a 30 day yoga plan on YouTube. That’s when I realized that I need to start small, not go big and burn myself out before I saw any real results.

The whole point of this is to tell you what I wish I’d known at the beginning of my journey, so that you don’t make the same mistakes as me.

Listen to your body, don’t push yourself to hard to day, you can only exercise tomorrow if you’re not hurting.

Start in a way that won’t disrupt your whole life. I’ve talked about small eating changes I made in Make Ahead Breakfasts and Staying Hydrated.

If you learn nothing else from me, but how to start small, then that’s enough.


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