Camping to Happiness

Mother Nature you are a saint who can cure with a hug.

Recently one of my roommates started growing several plants. About the same time I started feeling happier, so I researched (yes, I am a nerd) how plants can help with depression. Apparently, being around plants, animals, and in wide open space can help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression.

After learning this, I decided to dive right into testing this for myself. By having a few plants you ask, No. By going for some nature walks? Yes, but not just nature walk, I lived in nature for awhile, in other words I went camping.

Are you aware that you have to bring all the food you’re going to eat? I wasn’t. I think this is also one of the reason this helped so much, I only packed healthy food.

I found an mostly empty camp ground(What lunatic camps in the winter? Me). I’d been camping before usually with family and/or friends. But it’s been a long time, like I could still get free kids meals long time. This time I decided to go all by my lonesome, but I did tell someone just in case I disappear, they’d know where to find the body.

I spent three days in nature, I took long walks, I cooked over the fire, I slept under the stars, I woke up with the sun, for three whole days. I felt recharged,  this is definitely something I going to do again.

I should tell you though that I did a lot of research so that I wouldn’t die or do something stupid. I slept heating packets(I think they’re called “hot Hands”). The campground had a shower. I packed more food than I thought I’d eat just in case. Oh yes best of all, I bought I hammock tent, best idea ever. And I didn’t have to plan the whole thing for a group of people, which I know can be stressful.


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