My Goldfish are Depressed

I bought a couple of goldfish, because someone told me having a pet can teach you all kinds of things. I didn’t want to get cats or dogs because of allergies, so I got a couple of gold fish.

The first few days they didn’t move around a whole lot but I thought that was normal. The fifth day I had them they were barely eating, staying on the bottom of the tank. I started trying to find out what was wrong with them. It turns out they’re depressed, Yes goldfish get depressed who knew.

I found multiple suggestions on how I could help their depression, and I’m now in the process of making my goldfish happy.

How to cure Goldfish Depression:

Make sure their water is warm enough

Do not overfeed or under feed them(What is the prefect amount of food? No idea)

Give them a hiding place(plants, rocks, castles)

I thought that goldfish would be an cheap, easy pet, they’re not. They cost a fortune in before mentioned depression cures. Do you know how to warm up fish water? I didn’t I had to buy a heating pad just for them. This is ridiculous. But I do enjoy having something that I feel needs me.


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