Animals and Allergies

I live with two small hairy animals that shed. It doesn’t seem to matter how much I vacuum there’s also more hair. Though the years(yes, my animals don’t die) I’ve lived with roommates and family member who have hairy shedding animals.

I usually don’t have too many allergy problems if I’m just visiting for a few hours, but if I’m living/staying with the hairy monsters. Then I feel like I’m dying. These are some tips, tricks and hacks I’ve tried that prevent or reduce my allergies:

Air Filter

There’s this one that uses a water filter so replacing the filter is just replacing water. It works really well, and it’s small enough that I can put it in my bag to bring it with me. I have a bigger, better one that I keep in my bedroom.

Allergy Masks

I know it would be weird to wear an allergy mask all the time, but I just sleep in one, that way I don’t wake up with a pounding headache.

Professional Carpet Cleaner

This probably won’t work for traveling, but if you live with animals, renting a carpet cleaner 2 or 3 times a year really does help. I was in shock at how much gunk was in the carpet.

Comment if I missed anything that works for you. I’ll be sure to add it.


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