WorkOut Everyday with Youtube

I wrote a post about how I workout everyday. In that post I don’t go into a lot of details of what my workouts look like so I thought I’d do that today. I’ve recorded every workout for the last six days. I was going to do seven, but my friend took me skiing so that was my seventh day workout.

Day 1- Joanna Soh’s Low Impact Beginner

I like Joanna’s workouts because I can follow along without having to learn complicated moves.

Day 2- Yoga with Adriene Post Workout and Bedtime Yoga

I like her short yoga workouts. They don’t take long time so if I’m busy it’s easy to fit in. I did two one in the morning and one in the evening.

Day 3- Jordan Yoeh’s full body

I like his cause I can do them at my own speed, then I just repeat until I feel I’ve got a good workout. Getting to see him shirtless was the best part of day.

Day 4- Chris Powell’s Beginner Workout

The first time I did this workout was when I realized how out of shape I was. It’s the major reason I started working out every day.

Day 5 –PsychTruth Yoga

I like PsychTruth more or less, they have a lot of different trainers which I do and don’t like. I don’t make any sense. Sometimes I like their trainers sometimes I don’t, personal opinion.

Day 6- Jillian Micheals Workout from Hell

I usually only do this once or twice a month. I sleep so well after one of Jillian’s workouts, but I only find the time once or twice a month.


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