Just Thank You

I didn’t realize how much I have to say, until I started this writing this blog. This is a place to express my opinions and my thoughts without immediate judgement.

I’m very sensitive to people mood, feelings, and emotions, so if I do something they don’t like I can see their disappointment all over their face. I can see it in their actions.

I thought it’d be hard starting a blog, I thought I’d run out of things to blog about. I know I’ve only been at this a month or so, but this is going really well. It’s giving me a reason to learn and try new things. It’s given me a purpose.

I want to thank everyone who reads this blog, but usually when I start talking to people about everything I’ve learned about this or that, I can see the interest drain from their face. So I stopped telling me what I think, I start going along, and I stopped allowing myself to have emotions. But now my emotions are starting to come back, I feel as through I’ve been released.

Thank you for read, thank you for giving me a reason to write. I know this is sappy and silly, but I need to say it. You’re helping me come out of my depression.


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