Swimming, the perfect workout?

I think just about everyone has gone swimming. When I travel I always try to find a hotel with a pool. Even a quick swim will let me sleep in a strange place without too much tossing and turning.
The last time I went swimming I noticed how much I was eating(I’d started watching what I eat). It was an all day of swimming, I go swim for a few hours then come back and eat everything in sight. Wondering what was making me so tired and hungry, I google how many calories swimming burns? The answer between 4-7 hundred, yes hundred, but that if you’re not overweight.
I started looking into swimming as a workout, only to find it’s also an aging cure. Regular swimming are 10 to 20 years younger than their driver license says they are. Isn’t that ridiculous?
Swimming is strength training and cardio, so it has the benefits of weight lifting and dancing. Most towns have a YMCA ( or equivalent) with a pool, so you don’t have to build or buy a pool.
The only thing I don’t like about swimming is the chlorine. Chlorine thins my hair and gives me rashes. I’ve swam in salt water pools, they don’t have chlorine so I don’t have the same problems. I really like salt water pool but they’re impossible to find.

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