I’m not materialistic, why does no one understand?

At Christmas, birthdays, and holidays I get just as excited as everyone else, just not about the same things. Most people talk about how excited they are for the gifts and the food. My favorite parts are free, it’s spending time with loved ones, it’s playing silly games, it’s laughing until my sides hurt, it’s learning a new recipes… it’s a million and one things that are free.

When someone buys me something(shoes, hats, jewel, etc…) I thank them and put the thing away. I don’t want expensive things, I know I’m complaining about getting stuff, but I don’t want stuff. I want memories.

I’ll see what they bought me, and the first thing I think is this could have paid for… a trip to an amusement park… the gas for a drive thru zoo…skate rentals… or some other amazing adventure. But if I tell people that instead of gifts I’d rather go do something fun, they look at me like I’m nuts, then laugh it off and buy me something nice.

My closets are full(thanks to my family/friends). I have every materialistic thing I want. Quite honestly, I’m over materialistic things. I just want love, time and memories. Why is that so strange to people?


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