Air Pollution Awareness

To fine out what the air quality of your area is you can check at Air Pollution in the World. Under 50 is good air quality without a lot of pollutes in the air. Any number above 50 is air full of pollution.

Unfortunately most of the world lives with bad air quality. It’s been linked to allergies, increased illnesses, and poor lung healthy. Fortunately their are things you can do to improve the air. Simply inproving the air in your home can help prevent all the illness bad air causes.


Plants natural purifier air. There are vertical garden that would work for people(like me) without a lot of space. I personal have a couple peace lilies, I love that they don’t take a lot of work.

Air Purifiers

I think I mentioned this one is a previous post, but EcoGecko is one that I’ve used and like. I can’t really afford to buy new filters every week, so I was really happy to find the water filter.

Stop Creating Pollution

This is a hard one for me, because I didn’t realize how I was creating pollution. But simply things like driving a car… throwing away trash… cutting grass. It’s crazy how little things everyone does, have created so much pollution. We can stop creating pollution by recycling, driving less and composting.

I don’t know this much about this subject, but I’m learning. 



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