Staying warm

Yesterday it rained all day, and it cooled it down. Just when I thought spring was here.


Putting on some loud music, and inviting some friends over is one of the best way to exercise. Or just putting earbuds in and dancing like no ones watching. And it will warm you up.

Hot Chocolate

Really any hot drink will work but hot chocolate I think we can all agree is the best. And it will help with the dehydration everyone is suffering from.

Hot Water Bottle

You could use a heating pad, or an electric blanket though will work just as well. But I personally don’t like dealing with badly positioned outlets, and cords that tangle.

Cold Shower

I know this sound counter intuitive, but taking a cold shower it will increase your blood circulation. Increase blood circulation will help warm you up and keep you warm.


I know what you’re thinking, “How am I suppose to tan when it’s overcast?”. The answer, tanning booth. I know they give you cancer, but it’s like x-rays. Prolonged exposure will cause cancer, but in low doses it will help more than it hurts.

Get back in bed

Soft, warm, and comfortable, all you need is a good book and it’s heaven. It may take time for it to warm up, but once it’s warm… it’s heaven.

So that finishes off my list of ways to stay warm. Hope it helps keep you warm.


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