Dark Circles

I have dark circles, everyone at some point in their lives probably has had dark circles. Unless you like the tired look you want to get rid of them.

Cold Tea Bags

I don’t know if it’s the cold or the tea, but do this for a week straight and start seeing results.  The only reason I don’t do this often is that my younger brother enjoys taking pictures of me and black mailing me.


Have you noticed your dark circles get worse around that time of the month? It’s because your body is using more iron. I don’t know what the connection between iron and dark circles is, but there is one. So do like Popeye and eat more spinach.


There’s things going about the internet about how drinking a gallon of water per day will rid you of dark circles. I don’t know if that’s true, but few people are properly hydrated.


Having trouble sleeping? Try exercising, drinking chamomile tea, or buying a new bed. There are lots of way to improve sleep. Getting the sleep you need will greatly improve your life.


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