Improving Sleep

Whenever I’m stressed, my sleeping is affected. Whenever I’m busy, my sleep is affected. Whenever I travel, my sleep is affected.When you have a busy and stressful life it’s hard to have good sleeping habits. It’s not just about the quantity, but it’s the quality.

Chamomile tea

The perfect thing to drink before bed. Studies have shown that chamomile tea works better than the leading sleeping pills. I warm cup of tea is the perfect way to relax and unwind from a stressful day.


It’s not a good idea to do a hard exercise right before bed. The best time to workout is at least 5 hours before bedtime.


I know, I just told you not to exercise before bed, but yoga is different. There are relaxing yoga workouts that can be done right before bed.


YouTube that wonderful source of information has meditation that will put you to sleep. It took time and practice but I can now put my self to sleep.

Security blanket

This sounds silly, but when I’m in an unknown place I like having something that’s familiar. Something that reminds me of home, something that smells like home, and that reminds me I’m loved.

Ear Plugs/White Noise

Listening to the neighbors baby cry, or the TV next door, or worst of all listening to people going at it like bunnies, doesn’t make it easy to fall asleep. I suggest ear plugs or white noise( you can get it on you phone).

If you think of anything to add to this list, let me know in the comments.


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