A Break isn’t Failure

Remember how I posted on start small work your way up, I really need to learn to follow my own advice. I exercised too much yesterday, and boy am I feeling it today. I’m sore everywhere, and I think I might need to go see the chiropractor.

It wasn’t that I meant too over exercise, I just got excited. I found something new that I wanted to try. Then I found another things… and now everyone’s asking why I’m limping.

But it’s not just the over exercising, I been writing a post a day for almost 30 days now. I’m enjoying it, but it’s exhausting. This is how it is for me I start something that makes me so excited, then the excitement makes me do too much to fast, and I end up burnt out.


I’m need to learn to walk before I run. With that in mind, I going to slow down. I don’t need to post everyday(though I probably will). It’s okay to take a break, as long as you come back.

The hardest thing about making a commitment to doing something, is that once you falls down you think that it I’m done. That probably why no one ever loses those ten pounds. We hit our first bump in the road, and instead of getting back on the road… we just accept failure.

I’m not going to fail because I have decided that failure is not an opinion for me. But I’ve also learn that taking a vacation doesn’t mean failure. A vacation is just a regrouping.

So today I’m on vacation and tomorrow I’m going to go for an easy, slow walk.


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