How I’ve Improved My Writing

So as you can tell from the title I’m be telling you how I’ve improved my writing. Some of you may know that I’m dyslexia. Writing has never come easy for me. But I’ve always had something to say, or just a story to tell.

Hemingway Editor

This is some that’s making my writing more aggressive. It tells where to omit the passive words. I’ve been using the Hemingway Editor since I started writing this blog. I found it on twitter(follow me @Logo2Biblio) of all places.


If you follow me on twitter, then you know that I follow a lot of word love pages. It’s because the bigger you’re vocabulary, the more weapons you have in your arsenal. I learned that an umbrella can also be called a bumbershoot. See words are fun.

Speech to Text

GoogleDoc’s is the one that I use, but most computers have speech-to-text. It’s really useful when you can’t remember the spelling, or you have a hand cramp, or you just feel like talking. I think I mentioned this in Living with Dyslexia.


Proofreading is always a good idea. You could simply reread it yourself, or you could have your friends read it, or you could find a proofreader online. I personally have only use an online proof reading site once or twice.

Practice Makes Perfect

I am living proof that with enough practice anyone can improve. The only thing I don’t like about this is that it’s time consuming.

Don’t Compare

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is comparing themselves to other people(especially professionals). I used to compare myself to others all the time, then I’d beat myself up. Don’t make my mistakes, only compare yourself to you. As long as you’re getting better, then you’re going well.

I’d love to know how you’ve improved your writing.And if you see any grammar mistakes or misspellings let me know so I can fix them.


One thought on “How I’ve Improved My Writing

  1. hey) I really like your ideas, definitely going to check the Hemingway Editor, it sounds interesting))
    The only thing I do to check or proofread the text is I just click the spelling or the ‘proofread’ button in the editor after I’ve written the text (when writing the post) and then I read the text again) That way I see if I followed the thoughts, missed any words or written something stupid)) and that’s it) your post made me think of some improvements) so thanks a lot))


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