Traveling Tips from a Pro

I’ve moved around a lot. I’ve traveled from place to place. I’ve been everywhere man. By Johnny Cash.

Sorry I couldn’t help myself that song comes on and it just gets stuck in my head. Probably what gave me the idea to write this post. I’ve travel quite a bit more than most people. Along the way I’ve found things that make it a lot easier.

Bring shacks and drinks

Thinking of taking a car trip though all the national parks, it’s a wonderful idea, you and your friend/family will have a blast until someone mentions someone thing about dinner. Three hours later everyone is biting everyone else heads off because the closest restaurant was a mere 10 hours away.

That’s just one of the horror stories I have. Another reason you should bring shacks is because then you can pack healthier options, then when you get home you don’t have to diet or work off that ten pounds.

Grocery Stores

Most people eat out every meal while on vacation, while I understand the desire to relax but just buying a box of cereal and milk will save you. I usually buy things for breakfast and lunch(fruit, cereal & milk, oatmeal).

Also if you forgot something(I’m always forgetting socks), most grocery stores will probably have the items.


I’ve rarely worn everything I’ve packed. There are laundry mats everywhere(or at less most places) doing a couple load is a lot easier than lugging around a large heavy bag full of thing you’ll never wear. Also you can re-wear clothes.

Walk to Save

Accommodations nearer the beach(or site) are usually more expensive. Accommodations that are a 10 to 20 min walk are far cheaper. Bonus walking is a great way to find the local hot spots.



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