Hygiene Hacks for long days

After a few hours on my feet, I start to get sweat, oil and basically a mess. I’ve worked 12 hour day, the word grimy would not actually describe how I felt after it was over.

A Large Purse

This will be explained later on. It’s just an easy way to keep all the things you need together.


If I’m to busy to put my hair up, then I to busy to brush it. I’ve brushed my hair in the bathrooms, on buses, and in cars. It’s a way to feel more put together in few minutes.


All humane bosses will let you take a bathroom break. There are travel size tooth brushes and mouthwash made just for these kinds of emergencies.

Baby Powder

I used to pinch my nose before taking off my shoes, now thanks to baby powder I don’t have to. Baby powder absorbs the odors, you can also use baking soda.


This is a like old fashion, but handkerchiefs work as cold compresses for headaches, fixing smudged makeup, bloody noses, and tears.

I hope these help keep you stay fresh longer.


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