Sore Stinky Feet Home Remedies

My feet smell awful after more than a few hours in my shoes. They are also sore and tired… especially if I just finished a run… or spent all day walking… or just had to wear shoes all day… or if I decide going on a walk without shoes was a good idea… Basically my feet go through a lot.

Ping Pong Balls

I can’t afford to have a professional foot message every day, but I can afford some Ping Pong balls. All you have to do is roll these around with your feet. For extra relief put the balls in the freezer. I do this for about 10 mins. I do this after every run.


Soaking my feet in water is usually enough, but sometimes I want an extra kick. Adding baking soda(and/or ) will help reduce the smell. Also sore stinky feet are a great excuse for a bath.

Baby Powder

I love the little white foot prints I leave after I take my shoes off. Baby powder prevents rubbing, and absorbs smells.

Taking off your Shoes

This may sound silly but just taking off my shoes for a few minutes will help me feel better. Once for a whole week during lunch I’d take my shoes off under the table… I know shocking behavior for a lady.

Fuzzy Slippers

My carpet is full of hazardous things that jab my feet. I started wearing slippers not really understanding why my feet were hurt, turns out that the carpet hides a lot of things.


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