Can’t Sleep Read This

I can’t sleep I’ve got into bed and lay awake for a few hours. So I decided if I can’t sleep I might as well work on my blog. I’ve been surfing the web looking for good ideas to helps me sleep, and I think I’ve found some. I’ll report back with a list… hopefully tomorrow.

Get Up

If you can’t sleep, why try? This is one that I did as you can tell from above. Laying in bed wide awake isn’t going to solve any sleep problems, but getting up and finding a solution¬†will.


I’m lucky enough not to be in a populated area, so I can go for a midnight stroll without meeting anyone. I do this sometimes just to see the stars, and the fresh air.


A hot toddy is a wonderful way to relax after a hard day, but alcohol can cause troubled sleeping. A warm cup of tea (especially spearmint and camaminal) has always help me sleep.

Don’t watch TV

I guilty of this one, when sleeplessness or boredom streaks, I instinctively reach for my phone. This is bad for sleep because of the blue light they emit, which tells your brain to wake up.


This is like counting sheep, only with better results. I can’t find the one I listen to last night, but it worked. I just found one on YouTube.

To Do List

Sometimes I can’t sleep because I’m thinking about what I need to do tomorrow. I found instead of worrying about remembering them, just making a do to list will let me sleep.

Sweet dreams…..ZZZ…



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