My Writing Process


I discover a problem (like acne or stinky feet) that I’ve been having trouble with. All the things I write about are things that I have personal experienced.


This is finding every home remedy, DIY,  and cure. Research can take days or it can take years. But after I find several ideas I think will work then I move onto experimentation.


I try all the things I found. Sometimes they work…sometimes they just make a big mess… sometimes it’s gross… but they’re always fun to try.


Then I write up my results. I rarely include the ones that didn’t work…maybe I should… anyway I try to write up how well they worked for me… flaws I found… things like that.

Proof reading

I let my post sit for awhile(a few hours) then with fresh eyes I reread it editing it. Also I’ll put it through the Hemingway Editor, which tells me if my writing is too passive.

Posting is what happens next… nothing after that… unless I get comments… Oh I guess people get to read it.


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