Finding Time To Get Things Done

I’m great at making plans…. I’m terrible at following through on those plans. If I did half the things I planned, I would be well traveled… well read… healthy… have a college degree. You get the point.

I need to find a way to motivate myself, and increase my productivity.  I procrastinate too much, I need to spend that time actually doing. But instead I tell myself how “it won’t work, so why brother” or make up random(sometimes bazaar) excuses.

If you’re constantly telling yourself that you’re going to fail you probably will fail. But if you’re constantly telling yourself you’re beautiful and smart, you’ll start feeling smarter and more beautiful.

This is what motivation means to me, learning to encourage instead of tear down. Different people have different ways of getting motivated. I motivate myself with encouragements, rewards(or bribery) and documented results.

When I complete a task I get a rush of good feelings. That’s why I like To Do lists or Done lists, they document everything I’ve completed in a day. After I started seeing how much I was doing it made me want to do more… and find better ways of doing things.

So if you want to be more productive try writing down all the tasks you do in a day. Then find ways to save time… like I started making crock pot dinners, then I eat on it for 2-3 days. I bet if you look around you’ll find all the time you need to do what you want.


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