I can be broke anywhere

This will be my first post in about a month. The reason: I’m in the process of moving.

You’ll be surprised to know that I didn’t really plan it. It was just a whim, I woke up one day and ask myself “why am I here? If I can be broke anywhere why not someplace I want to be?”. I didn’t really find a good answer for staying where I was, and now I’m moving or traveling.

I figured that, I can have a low paying dead end job anywhere. So for now I’m just taking a long road trip, without an end in sight.

I wish I could say that money isn’t a problem, but let’s be real, money (or lack of it) is always a problem. Money makes things easier, worrying about how to pay for your next meal is always stressful.

For now I don’t have a plan. Some people have suggested a cruise ship job, which I’m considering. Another idea is buying a boat and sailing the world. Or an RV.  Also I hear flight attendants get great benefits.

To sum up, you can travel now. If your unhappy where you are, move. Maybe do more research and put more thought into it then I did. But lots of people have found ways to the travel the world cheap.


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