Personal Challenges

In March I posted everyday for 20 (almost 30) days. This was one of my personal challenge. Every now and then, I give myself a personal challenge, no one holds me accountable but myself.

It started when I read an article about how succeeding gives you a sense of accomplishment. Couple that with a blog talking about accomplishment will make you more self-reliant. The more self-reliant, the more self confident.

I love self confident. I like seeing women on the beach without perfect bodies, playing in the water. I love it went strangers are confident enough to start conversations with me. I enjoy talking to people, but am not confident enough to start the conversation.

Some of my personal challenges are silly(brush hair everyday for 30 days), some are hard(workout everyday for a month). But all of them(even if I don’t finish) teach me something. I’ve learn all more by just trying, then spending years not trying.

You’re probably wonder, why is she telling me this? Because this blog is about learn(or trying)…. and I have a challenge for you.

Pick one thing from the list below(or make one up) and do it everyday for 40 days. Why 40 days? Because 30 day is what everyone does, I want to be different.

  • Brush hair
  • Eat in/Make all your meals
  • Change your pillowcase(skin flakes will start growing after three days. Gross)
  • Sweep/Vacuum/Swifter 1 room (After a couple of days you’ll understand)
  • 10 min of yoga(YouTube is there for you)
  • Write down everything you do(from brushing to finishing that weekend project)
  • Text a loved one(friend/sister/brother/mom/hot guy/hot girl)
  • Save $X a day for a vacation(or weekend trip)
  • Eat Breakfast

Okay, I think this list is a good beginning. Basically do something that makes you feel accomplished.


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